Flexible credit facilities and management support for your success

J.M. Anura Hemantha the husband of a hard working woman and son of his elderly mother. When the time goes, he had to take the responsibility of his family. He was a labour and he needed more money for taking care of his family. He is a resident of Kahangawa and became aware of Dumbra Micro Credit by his friends; he became a fore customer of Mirigama Centre. The turning point in his life was accessing help from Dumbara Micro Credit.
He had decided to buy a tractor to do his own business. He is so grateful for the service provided by the company for his development and he is full of praise for Dumbara Micro Credit. Mr. Anura Hemantha said that, “Dumbara Micro Credit helped me at the worst point of my life. I have not only developed my career but also completed my unfinished home and made a better life for my mother and my wife thanks to the financial assistance extended to me by the Dumbara Micro Credit. I’m telling to all my relatives, how Dumbara Micro Credit helped me to rebuild my life and I’m encouraging them to have their heartiest support. I offer my blessing for the company to continue their work and help thousands of other people who are powerless as I was.”

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