We are a micro finance institute incorporated under the Company Act, number 17 of 1982. Register under the company act No.07 of 2007 with carrier out disbursement of loans to income generating projects & working capital requirement. We are the member of Lanka micro Finance Practitioners’ Association since 2013. In additionally, housing loans by the rural community with especially low income but satisfactory person and family. Prior to the loan disbursement, we consider & study a proper appraisal with a field officer visit recommendation. We have started a housing loan before 2 years.

Our main objective is to provide this loan facility to someone, who unable to take a loan facility from a bank or other reputed finance company. Our loan methods are very simple. No additional charges, no high valuation & lawyer fees.

We started our carrier in 2003 as a small company with 3 staff. Currently, we have 15 years of experience, well-qualified board of directors and diversely experienced staff. We have granted 200 million loan facility & total customer near 5000.

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Our Vision

Provision of qualitative and quantitative service to the effective livelihood of low income and poor people in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To provide an efficient, flexible, friendly service to our customers who are expected to deliver our services on a quantitative and qualitative basis. Ensuring employee satisfaction through maximum knowledge, experience and well-being in a good corporate environment. Provide maximum flexibility in investing in Customer Services, Employee Welfare and community service.