Other Loans


Start-ups or developing businesses and individuals can use this facility to meet life’s challenges in the most efficient way possible without reducing your resources.

BeneficiariesAll micro sectors (Individuals, Institutions, Entrepreneurs based in rural areas & low income generating)
Eligible ExtentsFor the purpose of,

  • Settlement of outstanding loans taken from other companies
  • Payment of credit card balances,
  • Purchase of 2W & 3W,
  • Higher education needs,
  • Fund weddings or other social functions,
  • Purchase of household goods as in furniture, fittings, appliances,
  • Overseas travel, for business or education, etc.
Loan AmountUp to Rs.500,000.00
TermsUp to 36 months
Rental AmountCustomized based on your monthly income and repayment capacity.
SecurityGuarantors/ Mortgage