Machinery Loan For Micro Institutions


To expand your business, you might need to invest in new machinery and equipment. We offer loan package tailor-made to your requirements; one that is cost-effective and has flexible payment options.

BeneficiariesMicro Institutions (based in rural areas & low income generating)
Examples :-
  • Hotel & Bakery
  • Printing shops
  • Fruit Shop
  • Book shops
  • Vegetable shop
  • Oil Mill
  • Coconut peat production
  • Super Markets, etc.
Eligible ExtentsTo obtain

  • Kotthu cutting machines,
  • Nescafe Machines,
  • Ice-cream Machines,
  • Rice Steamers,
  • Chips making machines,
  • Advanced Printers,
  • Advanced computers,
  • Billing Machines,
  • Coconut oil extraction machines,
  • Coconut peat separation machines,
  • Grinding machines, etc.
Loan AmountRs.100,000.00 to Rs.500,000.00
Terms03 months to 24 months
Rental AmountCustomized based on your monthly income and repayment capacity.
SecurityGuarantors/ Mortgage/ Pledge