Distribution of seeds and fertilizers

As per the first initiative we offered plants, seeds and fertilizers to the customers who likes and has the need to grow their foods by themselves. First program was arranged on 30/05/2019 with several selected customers. Not only the seeds and plants, we arranged a training program for those selected customers with the help of [...]

Medical camp

On 13/07/2019 we have organized a medical camp for our employees, customers and villagers. In that program we have discussed with our base hospital and they organized to check blood sugar, blood pressure, Cholesterol level, weight, height in the camp and the people who needed treatments was directed to the medical clinics at the hospital. [...]

Repairing Budumedura

All our company employees were gathered and repaired the “Budumedura” located in Mirigama town on 09/03/2019. We all have spent our day at the Budumedura and we haven’t felt a bit tired as we have done it with pleasure. Many villagers came and admired our initiative and some people were also gave their hand to [...]