Campaigns arranged by the Company

Medical Clinics for Parents at Jaya Isuru Primary College, Kurunegala and for the villagers of Bothale – Ambepussa atGotabayaRajamahaViharaya, Bothale. Another social service of Gamitha Social Development Foundation affiliated to Dumbara Micro Credit Company.   Training programs for our clients. Coconut peelingand Training on making pastry items was introduced for the self-employed customers and those [...]

Unudiya Ella Cleaning

The hot waterfall, which was a beautiful environment, has once again been destroyed. Such an environment should be protected by man, but modern man is taking it to the brink of destruction. Dumbara Micro Credit Company's Rural Development Foundation, which has taken on the responsibility of protecting the environment during such a period, decided to [...]

Covid Support from Dumbara Micro Credit Ltd.

Due to the COVID-19 situation of the country, everyone is in a danger. Our government does what is necessary to clear this situation. As a responsible company in Sri Lanka we, Dumbara Micro Credit Limited stepped up to help the government as we can. We have arranged a campaign to disinfection the public areas and [...]

Lunch for the our new customers

We are not a company formed only to provide loans to the customers; we are a company who cares the well-being of our customers. As a new event in the company, we have arranged to give lunch for every customer who comes to our office premise once a week. And also we have arranged a [...]